Just as humans today will have a number of health issues that we’ll have to deal with over the course of our lifetimes, there are also a large number of cat health problems that can affect our feline friends. There are many ways that they can be negatively affected in regards to cat health. Regardless of whether it’s pollution in the air or simply stress that causes it, finding the answers to cat health questions is important. Knowing how to deal with our cats health problems is extremely important and should be taken seriously.

All over the world today we are being fed the fact that medicines manufactured and then prescribed to our pets by a veterinarian is what’s best. However, there are many holistic veterinarians today who believe that the use of natural cat remedies are more beneficial. The number of those who believe this is steadily growing. Prior to the introduction of conventional cat treatments, animals in the wild treated their own health issues without the need of veterinarians. The animals in the wild used natural herbs that they found in their local surroundings.

Benefits of Natural Cat Remedies

Veterinarians are now beginning to understand that nature has many natural cat cures, but cats have always known this. It is in the animal’s instinct to find these cat remedies in nature. Many conventional cat treatments have negative side effects. Whether due to misuse or overdose, conventional drugs have the potential to do more harm than good. Natural remedies for cats have no negative side effects in animals like those associated with conventional drugs. If cats in the wild have adapted to instinctively use some natural cat herbs for certain health problems, then obviously there must be something beneficial about natural cat remedies. Some natural remedies for cats can even help two health problems at once. There are some natural cat remedies used for allergies that can also increase blood flow. Helping the oxygen in the body flow more efficiently and can lead to a happy and healthy cat.

Natural Cat Treatments vs. Conventional DrugsNatural Cat Remedies

The medical drugs for felines that are manufactured today may be less convenient to use than natural cat treatments. The drugs that are typically prescribed by veterinarians have to be manufactured, whether at a huge facility or in a small lab. On the other hand, natural cat treatments grow readily in nature and can be used as a medication in their herbal form or be manufactured as a natural homeopathic cat remedies. Natural treatments for cats may also be easier to administer than “normal” drugs. Some can simply be eaten “as is” to help with cat health problems, while an herbal cat remedy or a homeopathic cat remedy can be easily mixed in with the pet’s food at mealtime. Although conventional drugs today do come in edible forms such as pills or liquids, some have to be injected by needle and that can be a difficult task for non-professionals. Since herbal cat remedies are readily found in nature, they can potentially be less expensive than the medicines we buy today.

Most conventional medicines are derived from chemicals and plants. The difference is that manufactured drugs are more concentrated of a certain ingredient from the herbs and lose many of the beneficial properties during the manufacturing process. Many natural herbs for cats contain a number of important vitamins and minerals. It’s far better in terms of cat health to get their vitamins and minerals naturally rather than from manufactured drugs.

Cats specifically may be more vulnerable to the negative side effects often associated with the conventional drugs, even more so than other pets, such as dogs. As a cat owner you have to adapt to your cat and not treat it as just any other pet, because it’s not. Natural cat remedies are cost efficient, more effective, and is an all-around better way to treat most cat health problems. Of course, you should always first discuss with your veterinarian as to whether a particular natural cat remedy is an effective alternative for your pet’s specific health problem prior to using it.

When to Use Natural Remedies for Cats

Natural cat remedies have been found to be great alternatives to conventional drugs for the following cat health problems, click the link below for more information: